Federal School Violence Laws

There are many federal laws which have been enforced to keep school violence under check. Though most of these laws have not been that much effective in putting an end to violence in school, it has been able to marginally reduce the number of violent incidents happening inside the schools. To start with, the first federal law on school violence was enforced in the state of Arkansas due to the high number of cases on activities like bullying, physical abuse, drug abuse and verbal abuse in most of the schools in this state.


Perhaps an example on school violence would make things much more interesting. There was a student named Billy Wolfe studying in the Fayetteville High school in Arkansas. He was constantly bullied by two of his schoolmates. The bullying was so persistent that wherever Billy went, these two guys followed. He was beaten black and blue whenever they had a chance. They caused him severe physical harm by beating him up during the intervals between periods, inside the bathrooms etc. Billy Wolfe was under severe psychological pressure and stress and assessing the situation his parents took this issue to the school authorities and the parents of those bullies as well. Surprisingly there was no severe action taken on these two children.


The parents of Billy Wolfe got outraged and they took this complaint to the judicial system. The court could not decide on how to react to this situation. They could not punish the bully students because they were too young and they could not remain idle because the parents of Billy Wolfe had strong evidences and witnesses regarding the physical abuses on their child. The court had to act in order to prevent the parents from taking the matter to the superior courts in the country. So the judge of the state judicial court at that time, S.M. Smith made it mandatory for all school authorities to implement anti-bully laws in their curriculum in order to avoid any more cases like that of the Billy Wolfe.


And to the relief of the parents of Billy Wolfe, they were given necessary compensation for the treatments and the brutality Billy had encountered. The parents of the two bully children were asked to pay further compensations to the Billy Wolfe as well. The bully children were sent to juvenile court were they were tried for school violence. The bully children were left alone on request of the parents of Billy Wolfe because they did not wanted to hamper the life of young insane children. The example mentioned in this article is one of the many cases which have been happening in this country.


It was indeed a great step by Justice S.M. Smith to put severe laws on the school authorities to reduce the violent activities inside the schools. Since the passage of that law, there has been a considerable decrease in the number of cases of violent incidents inside the school campuses because school authorities began taking sterner steps to control violence among students.