Law as the last resort in fighting school violence

Everyone is well aware that school violence in increasing as each day passes.  Past incidents like that of the Columbine High School tragedy, Bath School disaster and the Virginia Tech massacre are the most dreadful and tragic incidents of school violence to ever take place.  A large number of people were either killed or injured in these incidents.

Just why are the kids of today becoming more violent?

We can probably list a lot of reasons as to why children are more violent today.  Home environment, stress, lack of love and support, frustrations, depressions, tensions, etc are just but some of these reasons.  A violent child not only ruins his/her own future, but also drags other children’s future with him as well.

Since a lot of schools were unable to deal with the problem of school violence effectively, parents have taken the initiative to ask the court and the police to intervene and help solve the issue.

The case of Billy Wolfe is widely known.  Two boys would constantly bully Billy Wolfe anywhere he went, be it in the bathroom, in the shop, on his way home or even in the bus.  These incidents have caused Billy Wolfe to experience severe mental stress and tension.  Knowing of their child’s problem, Billy’s parents went ahead and informed the parents of the children who were tormenting Billy, but it fell into deaf ears.  Next step was to inform the principal of the school, this too bear no fruit.  At the end, they took the matter into their own hands and took the issue to court.  Basing from evidences and witness testimonies, the court passed judgment in favor of Billy Wolfe.  Billy Wolfe was also given a chance by the court to ask for compensation if they wanted it.

The issue might not have made it to court if only the school had taken action regarding the matter.  Matters of school violence should be handled at school level.  It is the duty of the school to provide protection to its students and to take appropriate steps against school violence.  Going to court has always been troublesome and time consuming, and if the school is able to tackle such matters then there is no need to take it into court.

With the alarming increase in cases of school violence, the court cannot provide protection to each and every victim.  This is why it is the duty of the parents to prepare their kids in facing such situations.  Guidance and proper help should be given to children on ways on how they should deal with violent students.  In addition, parents should try to make their children’s mental state as strong as possible.  With a strong mental state, a child will have ease in facing such difficult problems.

Security details in the schools are now stricter than ever.  Guards are tasked to check the bags and lockers of students in a regular manner.

It is easy to prevent school violence; all it needs is for both the school and parents to take the appropriate steps towards eliminating school violence.