Laws concerning incidents of school violence

Federal laws play an important role in controlling and minimizing incidents of school violence in the United States of America.  A perfect example why federal laws are needed when it comes to school violence is that of a certain Billy Wolfe.  Billy Wolfe, a student of Fayetteville High School in Arkansas has always been bullied by two other students from the same school.  They bullied Billy Wolfe by beating him whenever he is, either in the restroom, in the school bus, in a nearby shop or even on his way home.  And even during coaching class, they keep on beating him.  All these incidents did not happen in just one day, it happened on different days that went on for several weeks.  Because of these incidents, Billy’s mental state was hampered, and this forced his parents to discuss the issue to the parents of the boys who constantly bully him.  They even took the issue to the school principal.  Unfortunately, both the parents and the school principal did nothing to stop the bullying, and apologized for the behavior of the two boys.

Because no action was taken against them, the tormentors of Billy Wolfe got more daring and confident.  They increased the torture that they were giving Billy, and left with no other choice, Billy’s parents took the case to court.  The court paid attention to their plea, and based from eye-witness accounts and other evidences, passed judgment in favor of Billy Wolfe.  This is the first ever recorded case of school violence to reach the doors of the court.  Session judge at that time S.M. Smith said that the duty of solving such issues of bullying and other types of school violence falls on the hands of the school administration.  In case the incident involves acts of killing, or in an event that the school is unable to tackle such incidents, parents or even the school is welcome to take the matter into court.  School atmosphere should promote a friendly feeling for the students in order for them to have a positive attitude.  A good environment also helps in promoting good development and good moral values to kids.  And that school should teach students that even the weak have their rights to live peacefully.  With a countless problems that this has brought Billy Wolfe and his family, the session judge said that they may ask for compensation if they want to since it is also their right to do so.

Unfortunately, this is not the only recorded incident of school violence.  There are others much worse that what was written above.  Among these incidents, the most known are that of Bath School disaster, Columbine High School tragedy, and the Virginia Tech massacre.  Strong students who engage in bullying are going to school without fear and causes a lot of trouble for the other kids, whereas the weak students are very much scared and afraid of going to school.  Today, officials or personnel from anti bullying police have established their presence in colleges and high schools.  Parents today are also allowed to take strict action against a school in case the school is not able to do anything against incidents of school violence.

The court and the police are here to help parents and children.  However, it is still the responsibility of any parent to make sure that their child is mentally prepared to face such issues in an event that they are unable to avoid them.