School violence is one of the banes of misfortune be carried about by most citizens across the world. For any country to witness a sustainable growth and development therefore, violence in any form should be curtailed maximally. If anyone had been a victim of school violence at one time or the other, either directly or indirectly, one will think of nothing but timely solution to these shameful acts.


 The entire school community becomes worrisome whenever any student or group of students injures another student or member of staff. Considering the time wasted in the process of recuperating, it draws back the speed of accomplishment of such victim, this therefore call for urgent solutions to the incidence. You will agree with me that the ultimate solution to the problem at stake needs combine efforts of students, parents, teacher, school administration, government and even the society at large. How, you may ask?


Since the “battle field” in most cases is the school premises, the school administrator, therefore, has a big task in putting an end to the ugly incidents. Among the obvious step to take is to engage some well trained security guards to prevent and possibly quell all attempts of such. Metal detectors can be installed at the entrance and exit of the premises and even classrooms. Whoever is caught in the school violence is a criminal and should be treated as such. If a severe penalty is melted on them, it will serve as a deterrent to others.


Besides, let the school come out with rules and regulations governing the school conduct. Not only those student/parents should have a copy, it must be endorsed by the parents, students and school administrators. Included in the rules are corresponding penalty for the law breaker as a result, the law should be allowed to have its course for any breaches. This should include expulsion.


Furthermore, the school should maintain high standard of discipline within the school premises. The dos and don’ts must be rigidly adhered to. If these are done, it will leave no vacuum for any indecent boys/girls to penetrate.


For preventive purpose, the school administrator needs to engage the services of psychologist or counselor. They are in better position to counsel and guide any student passing through one difficulty or another.


More importantly, the school should preach and demonstrate love every now and then. Let the school use every available opportunity to proof to students that it’s more like their parents and its equity interested in their progress. The school should as well encourage all students to do same by seeing one another as one big family.


Having done all these consistently, school violence will sooner that later become a non-issue in our society.