Controlling the activities of violence in our schools all over the United State of America, the federal government has performed impressively. No one will forget in-a-hurry how the parent of Billy Wolfe Story eventually secured justice over two of his school mates from Fayetteville High School. For very many days, Billy suffered untold hardship in the hand of these notorious guys. These ranges from battered, beating, bullying, harassment and limitations wherever they meet him. It could be in the bathroom, coaching class, inside school bus, nearby shops, on the way to and from home to mention a few. This continued until the psychological trauma began to affect his brains. It made no difference when Billy’s parents reported the case to the school managements and the parents of the culprits.


Because these guys were being treated in kid’s gloves, they grew in confidence and they double the frequency of their maltreatment, intimidation and torment on the poor and helpless boy. Eventually, the parents of the boy were left no option but seek redress at the court of law. With enough witnesses and evidence, the court gave a commendable attentions and the judgment favored Billy at last. School violence case, being the first of its kind, the preceding judge was quoted that it was the responsibility of the school management to resolve amicably every issue that has to do with social violence.


According to the judge, where the school fails to resolve the matter, r most importantly involves the death of any, the parents of the victims should feel free to seek justice in the court of law. He continued that school administrators should contribute to the promotion of peace and prosperity in the community and nation providing a conducive atmosphere for a proper learning and assimilations. The schools are expected to teach their student the right of all human under the law. The judge concluded that the parents deserve compensation if so desired looking at the magnitude of their suffering.


When discussing school violence, the issue will be incomplete unless reference is made to the unforgettable and gruesome killings. Bath High School, the mindless genocide at Virginia Tech and the atrocities committed in Columbine High School being the top on the dark lists of school violence. After all, the country belongs to all, why should the weak be at the mercy of the seemingly stronger ones. Not only that the parents seek for justice at the law court, they can as well make their report to the police. Besides, the introduction of anti bullying police is now made compulsory all colleges and High Schools.


The court and the police are always there to defend and protect the weak and listen to the grievance of the aggrieved. However the parent should also assist by building up the confidence and mentality of the kids