The cruel and biting effects of school violence have consciously or unconsciously registered in the mind of individual. No one will forget in-a-hurry the inhuman killings in Columbia High School, the wasted lives in Virginia Tech and the State of anarchy as demonstrated in Bath School. Many were sent to untimely grave, many more were injured and maimed. This trauma, it is believed will linger long in the mind of very many affected families.


What is actually the root of violent in our kids? So many factors are the reasons behind the school violence. This ranges from frustration to tension, from depression to stress, lack of love and affection, hostile environment and many more. It should be noted that any violent child is not only a walking time bomb to himself; he/she could also be deadly to numerous others and its environs.


Had it been the school has been taken some definite steps to curb student violent, probably the school would have been vindicated. Again, if the school had not been exhibiting its helplessness the thought of seeking redress in the court of law would have not come up to the mind of the concerned parents.


We are all familiar with the case of Billy Wolfe. These two men were in the habit of constantly beating up, battered, molesting, harassing and tormenting Billy at every slight opportunity. These include inside the bathroom, inside the bus, on the way home, in the shop and many other places. Billy’s parent could no longer bear it when Billy began to have a sleepless night. Their first place of visit was the parents of these notorious students, but the parents could not make any difference. They went further to their school to formally lodge their complaint, the school authority watched on seemingly helplessly. At this junction, the parents resolved to file the case at the court. With satisfactory evidences and wiliness, the judgment was eventually given, it was not only given in favor of Billy, and he was actually advised to demand for compensation if so desired.


Ordinarily, going to court for redress supposed to be the last resort considering slowness of the proceedings. Unfortunately, the ineffectiveness of the school administrators has left no further option but to head for court. The school management is therefore being reminded of their civil and moral obligations towards the students, parents and the nation at large.


In addition, the parents should ensure that their children are heavily and mentally fortified against external aggressors or school violence. With this, they don’t brake down easily and they have enough confidence to rise up to any situation per time.


Security guards should be up on their feet. Let them keep close watch over their schools and search bags and lockers as often as possible.


Eliminating violent in school must be a calculated and coordinated effort of the school and parents.