Regulations concerning School Violence

Laws give a proper shape to any sort of matter. They play a primary role in maintaining the discipline. Through these laws, many mishaps can be avoided. The young students should be introduced to these laws to avoid any sad spectacle.


The tale of Billy Wolfe is very famous one and almost everyone amongst us knows about it. It is reported in the report of New York Times that Billy Wolfe, a student, was severely beaten by the harsh boys in his school. These inauspicious events stopped working of his mind. His parents became sad and tried to take up this issue. They presented this issue in the front of the assistant professor but the result was nothing.


 Those harsh boys instead of being reverent became proud and then they started beating Billy Wolfe in a even harsher manner. The parents of Billy Wolfe now thought the last option in their mind which was to go in the court room. Court took up this matter on the fundamental basis. This was the first such issue presented in the court. The judge of the court became astonished that why such matter has been brought into the court. It is the first duty of the school administration to solve such problems. If someone is week then it does not mean that he has no right to live in the society. The school administration should bring into the action such laws which inspect ever child and should thoroughly look on such cases. The judge further said that the loss which Billy Wolf and his family has bearded is really a big one and they should be given the respect in the society.


It is a reasonable question that why Billy along with his parents went to court in search of justice. It is not just the case with Billy but there are many more like him. After this incident the court has ordered to give the anti bullying policy an official version in different school and colleges. Thus after this order is issued the school administration will be held responsible if any violation occurs in their premises.

It would be a great problem for Bille Wolfe in winning physical combat if he doesn’t get an external help. The reason of not fighting with the people might be an appropriate answer but not when a young child is led down in front of your eyes.

On some occasions it is not possible even for the court to save each and every affected person. Thus to overcome this problem, the parents has to take responsibility and bring their children from comfort to the real world. We have every sort of response to any sort of action whether it is taken on internet or said orally. But keep in mind the face to face situation is not reached.