Role of judiciary against violence in school

Laws play a huge role in keeping a check on school violence in the United States of America. Every one must be aware of the story of Billy Wolfe. Once in Fayetteville High School, Arkansas, there were students threatening Billy Wolfe. They used to threaten and beat him up wherever they saw him. Right from the bus to the shop nearby or in the bathroom or to the way home, he was beaten up everywhere. He was also physically abused in his classes too. Such activities were not happening once or twice but it was continuing on a daily basis. This was affecting Billy Wolfe mentally. The parents of Billy Wolfe also took up the matter with the school authorities and the parents of the violent students. But what they got in return was just a consolation and not any confirmation. 

This inaction encouraged the violent students more and they continued their activities even after that. Seeing all these things, the parents decided to move to the court of law for getting justice. The court went through the series of events and the testimonies carefully and gave the decision in favour of Billy Wolfe. This was the first time ever that violence in school was reported. The judge of the court also laid an order to the school stating that such violent activities in their school should immediately brought to a halt. He also stated that if the parents and school authorities do not want such issues to be brought to the court of law and spoil their image then they should take care of these activities themselves. They must provide an environment in school which is friendly and harmless and apt for learning. This would also bring peace and prosperity to the nation. Schools must spread the message that it is not the survival of the fittest theory in school and the weak should not be hurt. The session judge also gave an option to Billy Wolfe and his parent to get compensation and damages for the kind of trauma and mental agony they had gone through because of the violence against them.

But this is not the last case of school violence. There have been cases of school violence reported in other educational institutions as well like Columbine high School, Batch School, Virginia Tech School, etc. Only the people who are physically well built and strong are able to take care of themselves but others who are physically not that strong are suffering and are scared of entering their school campuses. It has now become mandatory for every school to have members form the anti bullying squad on their campus. Parents are also able to take the school to task if they think that their concerns relating to school violence are not properly addressed by the school. They can approach the police or get into the court of law if they want to.

Even tough the police and the court of law is there to help the weak, it is the duty of each and every parent to make their kids fell strong about themselves and raise them in such a way that they are able to tackle all these issues themselves. They should be taught not to get intimidated by violence and tackle them properly.