School violence and Laws regarding it

Physically weak people may not be able to tackle harassments or bullying. So in order to ensure safety to the students anti-bullying policies have been introduced in various schools and colleges so as to prevent bullying.


The fact that federal laws have played an important role in order to keep the incidents of bullying under control in various schools and colleges across the US is undeniable. Various provisions and protection laws of the school going children were introduced in the state of Arkansas.


Billy Wolfe’s story is known to everyone. The New York Times published a report revealing that Billy Wolfe was constantly being bullied by a couple of clumsy guys who were studying at Fayetteville High School, Arkansas. Billy Wolfe was beaten up at various places that included the bathroom of his high school, on his way back home, in the nearby shop, in the school bus and not to mention his coaching classes as well. But Billy was fortunate enough as all incidents didn’t take place everyday. Billy Wolfe’s mind was hampered by the chain of this unfortunate incidence. The bully’s parents were informed about the incident and even the high school’s assistant principal as well. All Billy Wolfe’s parents got were nothing except consolation.


Thereafter, on seeing that the system had come in their favor, the bullies were encouraged even more and started torturing Billy even worse than before. Eventually, Billy Wolfe’s parents were left with no choice but to seek the help from a court. The matter was taken seriously by the court and based on the evidences and witnesses provided from the circumstances, the court ruled out a decision in Billy Wolfe’s favor. This case was the first of its kind registered in court but session judge S M Smith said why the parents were forced to seek the help from a court or justice. It is the moral duty of the school administration to ensure a safe learning environment for the students studying in the school. Being physically weak doesn’t mean that people don’t have the fundamental rights in the society. S M Smith further said that Billy Wolfe’s parents had the right to ask for compensation for all the trouble faced by Billy Wolfe and his family from the beginning.


Justice S M Smith was correct in what he said. It is a question of argument as to why Billy Wolfe and his parents needed laws to seek justice. Billy is not the only one who faced such trouble, many more suffered like Billy did. Official anti-bullying policies came into existence and have become mandatory in various colleges and schools. All this was made possible after Billy’s case was concluded. The parents can hold the school administration responsible if anything fateful happens to their child and the appropriate steps are not taken timely.


Billy Wolfe’s case was such that it couldn’t be won by a physical fight unless some external help was available. The excuses were acceptable when the anti-bullying policies didn’t exist. But the excuses were not accepted when the child was assaulted brutally.


It is true that court cannot protect each and every victim all the time. So it is the primary duty of the parents to encourage their child to face the world bravely and not to be afraid of anything. Cyber bullying, physical bullying or a verbal abuse is not a matter of concern when there is a reply available to all such kinds of harassments. Ensure that the harassments don’t reach a hand-to-hand level.