School violence Laws role  

School violence is an increasing threat to the whole society. Every year a lot of cases are found where rampage, bullying and even killing is people is in news due to school violence. School violence not only includes killing people but other incidents such as physical harassments, gang wars, weapon possessions, metal abuse and many more. School violence effects badly on the individuals involved in this as well as on onlooker. They are affected mentally more than physically. Mental imbalance caused in minds of everyone increases the amount of school violence.  Media also plays an important role in increasing school violence. There are many types of media where violent scenes are shown which affect children. Internet also provides different websites which students can easily access and can get a new list of school violence.

School violence should be stopped so as to provide good education in schools. Schools are meant for giving education and not for bullying. It is the duty of the school authorities and parents to take proper care. Involvement of government in school violence is necessary there are also certain laws prescribed for school violence. These rules should be implemented whenever necessary. There are laws such as Safe School Climate Act, Gun Free Schools Act, Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act and many more which are implemented in many schools so as to reduce the amount of school violence. These acts have helped in reducing violence in school.

Government is also conducting programs especially on school violence where students, teachers and other school authorities are taught handling violence in school under expertise people. There are programs arranged by the government experts helps the students who were involved in some violence activities and now want to come out of it. Harsh punishments will certainly help in reducing school violence. As there in no law for using weapons, small children’s easily get weapons from friends or buy them. Children watch movies, serials and gather information from internet on how to use these weapons.

Kids are small and don’t know what is right and what is wrong. In this situation they get involved in violent activities and later it is not possible for them to come out of it. Parents should also take some preventive measures so as to lessen school violence. They should keep watch on Childs behavior. If there is any change, it is better to approach a psychologist where a proper counseling can help get back the get the kid.  Parents should also meet teacher from time to time and know the Childs behavior in school.

Teachers must also have a keen attention on all students. If there is any unusual behavior, teacher should immediately report to the parents as well as school authorities. This will help in avoiding the child from getting involved in school violence activities. Schools have also taken certain measures so as to control violence. Many schools have fitted hidden cameras so that the authorities can keep a keen check on movement of every student. Schools are also building high fences so as to avoid gang wars in school premises. Hence, everybody together can reduce school violence.