Schools and government policy makers need to understand the kids better

America has seen its share of terrifying incidents in the past few years, of which one of them is firing of an assault rifle on fellow schoolmates by a thirteen year old school boy. This incident had happened about three years ago and the region where this took place is a secondary education school situated in the rural part of America. As we know that guns and rifles were the chief death makers in the battle fields, we need to ask ourselves about the possibility of the younger generations owning them even in school days. How horrifying a thought this is?


This is one of the many such incidents that have happened in the past decade here in the regions of the United States of America. In the year 1999, the state’s federal law enforcement department and the judicial courts took a few small steps to curb the violence and to bring down the effects of the execution style murders inside the Columbia High School mass murder incident. After that, no other steps have been taken to eradicate the use of lethal weapons among youngsters and school kids here.


The issues were raised, in the parliament and the presidential meetings and this was able to give way for the inception of certain regulations like bringing the people responsible for school violence, either directly or indirectly, under a common umbrella termed as “stakeholders”. All the school officials, police and every other person here were called upon to unite together, in order to eradicate this disease completely.


People should be able to fight for making the schools a better place to get education; they should not be a breeding ground for violent ideas and unhealthy practices. School violence may be curbed by keeping all students and staff alert at all times. They may be given proper fire drill training to facilitate the quiet and smooth functioning of evacuation procedures during such times. Emergency situations should be faced bravely and for this, we need to be vigilant on everybody else’s actions too. If there is something wrong or suspicious, there is no harm in asking a trained official or someone in the staff to check it out.


Never be afraid to seek the help of grownups in the event of trouble; problems can be easily solved in the earlier stages of its inception and such problems may even require less time to get a solution at the initial stages. However, children with mental illness, family problems and other social problems will be the first to go in for violence. We need to help them by staying calm and friendly with them. If such kids find good advice coming from a kind mouth, they will be able to grasp and accept the same immediately. Also, when they feel that there are people to care for them, their mind will remain in peace and thereby, will not be vulnerable to violent ideas.


Hence every little initiative that we take today will help us move in the right and safe direction for reaching a brighter and calm world of younger generation.