The Laws against School Violence

The incidence called school violence is a situation whereby students that are violent in nature, take weapons and attack fellow students, the teachers, the school authority, staff and every body around. They kill some of the victims, while others are terribly injured. Their weapons include knives and guns. They use these weapons mercilessly against their victims. The sight of the school premises after the attack is such a pathetic one, for casualties are seen all over along side the dead ones. Some of the students suddenly lost interest in going to school for the fear of attacks on their persons or for the fear of being bullied at school.  


The school violence and crimes are issues that affect every one in every country for its disastrous consequences. In the United States of America, for instance the alarming incidence of school violence and school crime has motivated the Federal and States Legislatures along side the national and state courts to consider this issue with a view to stopping it completely. Now there are tough laws that affect school violence and crimes.

We shall examine the laws that are slammed against school violence and school crimes.


Among the laws is that states were given directive to impose penalties for weapon passion in schools. School drug trafficking is also now a federal crime. The Supreme Court of the United State of America has empowered the school authority with the ability to impose rules that will check excessive expressions of the students deem to interfere the safety and orderliness of the schools. However, the body entrusted with the school security should clearly recognize the limitation and the rights of the students.


Federal Laws

The Comprehensive Crime Control Act, by the law act called “school yard Statute”, has made drug trafficking within 1,000 feet school, a federal crime.


Now that the Gun-Free Zones Act of 1990 is declared unconstitutional, however the Gun-Free School act of 1994 directed that the states should create laws which will expel a student caught in possession of weapon in school for at least a year.


The US Supreme Court has passed the following decisions concerning school crimes generally


Veronia School District 47Jv 1995 ruled that schools should have policies that will compel urinalysis test for drug on all students engaged in ‘interscholastic athletic programs.


The United State V. Lopez (1995) – In this decision the Gun-Free Zones Act of 1990 was declared invalid for the fact that it is above congressional authority to enact.


The Bethel v. Fraser (1986) decided that students’ speeches should be controlled and penalties should be imposed on students whose utterances are deemed to be offensive or disruptive.       


These are the laws governing the school violence and related crimes. With the enforcement of these laws already the situation is recording positive results. If introducing more and more laws will completely eradicate the cases of school violence in our schools, the let more laws be introduced so that the schools will be free of any violence.