The recent changes enforced over the secondary schools of America

Certain percentage of kids in the United States of America has been noted to be having a specific problem in their hands. The violent behaviors shown by the kids are proof enough for this; according to the reports given by the National Center for Education Statistics, the time for direct action has come, in order to prevent the effects of this emotional problem on the education system of the United States of America.

The report submitted by the National Center for Education Statistics has been made, after making detailed analysis and evaluation of over two thousand elementary schools in America. The power given by the government to the research was under the provision of ‘Crime & Safety Survey of Secondary Schools’. This report has given many more additional aspects along with suggestions to improve the standards of the educational system in schools. They convey the message that violence is associated with the mode of operation of the school and its characteristics. The analysis of the schools done by the committee has found that many schools are not following the general ethical standards in their institutions. Also they are found to be in complete disarray when it comes to the standards of the classrooms and the administrative qualities.

The location of the institutions, number of enrolled students and the facilities available inside were found to be the primary source of commotion among them. Students tend to fight over the using of water and food counters and even when they need to use the toilet, it is found to be in the midst of commotion and abusive languages. Since the infrastructure built can hold only certain number of students at a time, the students find it difficult to even sit inside the classes with excessive number of enrolled students.

Administrative principles were not in favor of the students and they were found to be keen on making good profits rather than giving the best for their students. The committee members from the National Center for Education Statistics were able to find out the true identity of many such indecent educational institutions and as a result, many were closed by the orders issued in this regard.

Student to staff ratio, crime rate in the neighborhood, law enforcement policies in the locality and the emergency facilities of the schools were inspected thoroughly. In case of serious security and discipline breaches in the school, warnings were given for the administration to strengthen their administrative policies in order to prevent them in future. Students who were absent from class, transferred students, uncontrolled behavior of students and many other aspects were noted and proper guidelines were issued by them to the kids, their parents and their teachers as well.

The main highlights of the report were that the percentage of violence reported through the schools was at a record high of ninety two percent. This shows that serious actions are needed for preventing the students from falling into a bottomless pit in their lives, with their violent behaviors. Hence we need to make sure that their initiatives are a complete success, by taking care of our children in every way possible.