Usage of judiciary system against violence in school

School violence is very common now thanks to incidents like the Bath School massacre, Columbine high school massacre and Virginia Tech massacre which were very scary examples. These incidents have resulted in lot of killings and injuries.


What is the reason for the violent behaviour of children?


There are lots of things that contribute to the violent behaviour of the children like school environment, lack of love and affection, stress, frustration, depression, etc. A violent kid will not only spoil his future but will also ruin the life of the other kids in school.


If the authorities of the school had been able to solve these issues of violence within its compound walls then they would have never appeared in the court of law and become public. But parents of these affected children resorted to the help of police and the judicial system because the school was not able to solve these issues.


Billy Wolfe and the atrocities against him is no news. There was violence and frequent attacks levied on him by his fellow schoolmates in every possible area of the school, right from the bathroom to the classes. The parents of Billy Wolfe came to know about this matter and were very worried as it was causing lot of stress and trauma to their kid. So they thought of trying to resolve the issue with the parents of the bullying kids but they did not get any positive response from them. And when they were received by very casual responses from the school authorities, they decided to knock the doors og the court of law. They went to the court and won the case based on the truth, the witnesses and proofs they had in their stride. The court also asked the parents of Billy Wolfe to claim monetary compensation for the damage caused to their son. 


The issue of Billy Wolfe could have been very well solved in the school itself and could have been stopped from going outside the compounds of the school. Taking help from court become very tedious and time consuming and it cannot be done on a regular basis, so it is better that such issues are solved in the school itself. It is very tiring to get decisions from court and most of them prefer to get it resolved in the school itself.



Parents should ensure that there are kids are mentally strong enough to tackle their own problems as they cannot rely on the court for each and every thing. They should help with each and every problem they face in their lives and try to fix their problems along with them so that kid learns to do his things himself.


Guard should be very strict in their duties and should ensure hat they check their bags when they come into school and also keep an eye on them otherwise.


Bringing down violence in school is not impossible and can be eliminated easily unless and until the parents and the teachers come together and try to solve these issues with their combined efforts.