Use of law against school violence


School violence is known to everyone. Incidents that had occurred in the past like BathSchool disaster, ColumbineHigh School massacre and Virginia Tech massacre were quite dreadful incidents of school violence. They had killed and injured a large number of people
Why kids are becoming violent?
There are many reasons because of which children are becoming violent like home environment, lack of love and support, stress, tension, frustration and depression etc. A child who has become violent will definitely spoil his/her life but he/she will ruin the life of the other children as well.
If schools were able to solve these kinds of problems effectively or if they had taken necessary action at proper time then these kinds of problems had never appeared in the court. But schools were unable to deal with them effectively and because of this reason parents had asked court and police to step into the matter.
Case of Billy Wolfe is known to everyone. He was being troubled by two violent students in the school bathroom, in the bus, in the shop and on his way to home. This bullying has created a great mental tension in the mind of Billy Wolfe. Parents of Billy Wolfe were also aware about the matter and they got worried too. So they contacted the parents of children who were bullying him but they did nothing in return. So they had a word with the school principal but no action had been taken by the school. At the end they thought of going to the court and taking help from court. They filed their case in the court and on the basis of evidences and witness court had taken action against the students who were bullying Billy Wolfe. Court had said that Billy Wolfe can even ask for the compensation if he wanted.
If the school had taken right action then the parents of Billy Wolfe had not gone into the court. Matter was being solved at the school level. So it is the duty of the schools to take steps against this school violence. Going to the court is not at all an easy thing. It is a long route for getting justice and nobody likes to opt for this route if schools are acting effectively on such issues.
It is not at all possible for the court to protect each and every victim so parents should also prepare kids against such dreadful school violence. They should give them guidance and help them against violent students. Parents should make their children mentally strong. If the child is mentally strong he/she will not face any difficulty in solving these problems.
Guards are also given strict instructions and they have to keep a close eye on children. Checking the lockers and bags of school children regularly has become the part of their duty.
Reducing or preventing school violence is easy but efficient steps are being required in this direction and if schools and parents take these steps then nobody will be hearing the term school violence again.