Lately, one major issue that has forcefully made itself a household name among other is school violence. As days pass by, shooting, sexual harassment, gang wars, possession of deadly weapons are on the constant increase. We have all come to the realization that life itself is very precious, hence it makes no sense of accepting responsibility on behalf of another person or group that go on suicide mission for whatever reasons.


Despite all, nothing is really wrong with our legal systems as it contributes its own quotas in solving school violence as and when needed. A rather collective effort will be required to wage war against our common enemy, the school violence. Without doubts it involves the effective participation of the parents, students, school administrators, and members of staff, government, law enforcement agencies and the society as a whole.


Recurring one of the incidents that happened few years ago when a gang related shot a student dead as they drive-by just opposite a Seattle High School. That the case has absolutely nothing in common with education law made it a problematic in handling. This deliberate and wicked killing portrays the level of vulnerability of our high schools and college campuses in the hand of gangsters. Similarly, the concern of school safety nationwide was raised by the United States Supreme Court when the case was brought to it for a review.


Not long ago, in the United States of America, the Supreme Court made provision over the possession of handgun. Recall that over the years, possession of handguns within the metropolis of Washington DC has always been the point of reference during debate. As the case was going on, some cogent excuses and debates were requested for by the Justice John Paul Steven for the purpose of implementing comprehensive forbidding. In his swift response, the public prosecutor buttressed his arguments with some unimaginable data; eventually a comprehensive report as approved by Chicago board of education was submitted.


The report reads that in the last 12 months before the case at hand, 29 students had been gun down by some others with the use of home made weapon formally licensed. As if that’s not enough, before the expiration of another 4 months, 8 other innocent students were murdered. As they succeeded in breaking the law that is guiding the firearms, they end up killing innocent souls.


The supreme court was convinced beyond doubts even as it accepted all the submissions and evidences presented. At the end of the case, some of the legal procedures were passed by the court so as to control and constrain similar breach of law.


It is not enough to make available some more law enforcement agents; it is as well beneficial to enlighten those who killed helpless individuals by breaking the law, the culprits that are involved in one way or another in serious school violence. The incidences were charged with attempt murder, murder, threatening and assault, promoting fears, endangerment and many more different and appropriate criminal charges.


In addition to compensating the offenders with all kind of sentence, the Supreme Court in the United States as well charged some of the major culprits with different law punishments. These include: the punishment that are ordinarily enforced in cases of civil compensation and that of wrongful death.


In the final analysis, there is none that can say convincingly that the law was dormant. Until everybody rise up against injustice and fully support law, it cannot work nor benefit the society at large.